Party Tips

Organising a children's party can be a daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be.

Here's a few tips to help make your party stress free...

PLAN AHEAD - Booking a venue or an entertainer for the date you want will be harder the later you leave it. Also leaving it too late could mean some of your child's friends become double booked.


DECORATIONS - Balloons, banners and streamers are a cheap and effective way to transform your home or hall into a party venue. Don't go overboard though as too much will mean more time setting up before your party and more time tidying up at the end.


FOOD - The best way to organise the food is to make an individual plate (or box) of food for each child. This way each child will get the same and you won't have the problem of loads of leftovers. This also means that the children are more likely to eat all their food. Paper plates or party food boxes are cheap and easy to clear away. You may want to make a few extras for unexpected guests such as siblings.

PARTY BAGS - Party Bags can be expensive if you go overboard. Some sweets, a slice of birthday cake and a small toy or some stickers is enough for most young children. If you book Magic Jack he'll make each child a balloon animal to take home with them as well.


INVITATIONS - It's always best to hand out a paper invite with all the details on it, emails or text messages can be deleted by mistake, but a paper invite can be stuck on the fridge. A pad of invites is inexpensive (less than £2 on ebay) or if you book Magic Jack you can download and print off your invite templates for free.


GUESTS - It's natural for your child to want to invite the whole of their school class, plus often parents will bring siblings along as well. If you're expecting a lot of children a local hall is always better than having the party at home. Not all parents will stay for the whole party so take a mobile number from those who won't be there. The RSVP at the bottom of most invites has a space for a phone number.

Party Packages

Magic Jack offers three main packages...

If you have other requirements then Magic Jack will do his very best to tailor the entertainment to suit your needs.

Feel free to email or call for an informal chat.

40 Min Magic Show

Magic Jack's funny and exciting magic show where the birthday child is the star of the show.

1 Hour Package

Magic Show and Balloons - Magic Jack starts with his 40 minute magic show, then spends 20 minutes making each of the children their own balloon animal to take home with them.

2 Hours Package

Magic Show, Balloons and Party Disco - The fun starts with the 40 minute magic show, then while the children sit down to eat Magic Jack goes round the table making each of the children a balloon animal. After they've finished eating the cake comes out and everyone sings happy birthday. Then Magic Jack organises the Party Disco with dancing, games and prizes.